Meet the Campus Pastors

Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts

Welcome to HDC Victorville!  While I’ve been a pastor since June of 1995, I’ve only been at HDC since February of 2018, and the Victorville Campus Pastor since August of 2022. Some people refer to me as “the singing pastor” because I’ll bust out a song from time to time, but singing isn’t my job.  My role here is that of a shepherd: making sure our people are cared for in times of crisis and that our ministries and ministry leaders are well coordinated in meeting the spiritual needs of our people.

I hope you’ll feel right at home at my campus and comfortable approaching me or any of the HDC Victorville staff with questions, concerns or needs.

Mikey Powers
Mikey Powers

I have been attending HDC since 2004, and on staff since Oct of 2014. I was originally placed on the team to serve our Small Groups ministry, but through the years spiritual gifts of mine have been affirmed and encouraged in the area of Care and Shepherding. I was then part of our Care Team, where I was blessed to give direction and support to premarital counseling and all things care here at HDC. I am now a Campus Pastor for our Victorville Campus. I provide Shepherding and Care primarily for our Victorville Campus while also supporting HDC as a whole.

When I am not at HDC, I am an aspiring barista and love the process of roasting and preparing coffee. I purchase unroasted or green coffee beans, and roast them in small batches to keep the level of roast and consistency in line with the natural notes that the beans come with from the origin in which they come. I also love making lattes and practicing my latte art.

Service Times

Saturday: 6 PM

Sunday: 9 AM & 11 AM


Mike Roberts

Campus Pastor - Victorville

Mikey Powers

Campus Pastor - Victorville

Landen Crouch

Worship Minister - Victorville

Izzy Cibrian

Students Assistant Director - Victorville

Reggie Tamoro

Student Director - Victorville

Jody Livingston

Student Pastor

Aleah Austin

Elementary and Preteen Director - Victorville

Julie McMican

Early Childhood Director - Victorville

Stephanie Delorme

K1 Assistant Director - Victorville

Lisa Wingerd

Kid's Team Assistant Director - Victorville

Sam Pendergrass

Technical Director

Matthew Kilburn

Productions Assistant Director

Jackson Arnett

Creative Pastor