Small Groups
Small Groups

Students Ministry aims to prepare every generation to change the world. Every Wednesday night, Students Ministry provides students with the opportunity to listen to a sermon and engage in discussion with people their own age in their small group. Small groups take the summer off and will relaunch in the new school year.


We want every student to find and use their gifts and talents for the glory of God and the encouraging of one another. Junior High and High School students wanting to sign up for their campus’s Serve Team can apply here.


How do I sign my teenager up for a small group?
You can sign your teenager up for a small group ahead of your visit here
How are small groups organized?
Our small groups are organized by gender and grade. Depending on the campus and the size of the group, some grades may be grouped together.
Who is on your student ministry team?
How do you process and screen your volunteers who work with teens?
We care deeply about the safety of the students in our care. Our volunteers much attend HDC consistently for 6 months before getting involved in our student ministry. Each volunteer is processed by a ministry staff member. This process includes reference checks, an interview, Live Scan background check , and training. 
How can I begin serving as a student ministry volunteer?
We love those who want to run towards a generation that most run from. If you’ve been attending HDC consistently for 6 months and are interesting in being a part of our volunteer team click the button below to begin the process.
How can I stay informed on what’s going on in the student ministry?
Stay in the know by following us on instagram and by signing up for our monthly parent email.
Does HDC Offer Resources for Parents of Teens?

Yes we do! Click the link below!


Parent Resource Page

I still have more questions, how do I get in touch with the student team?
We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have! Just email us at

Meet the Team!

Jody Livingston

Student Pastor

Reggie Tamoro

Student Director - Victorville

Shane Jones

High School Pastor - Apple Valley

Carlos Pereyra

Student Director - Hesperia

Ethan Hendricks

Jr High Director - Apple Valley

Izzy Cibrian

Students Assistant Director - Victorville

Clayton Simmons

Student Assistant Director

Samm Simmons

Student Ministry Support Coordinator

Alissa Lucatero

Students Administrative Assistant

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