Apple Valley

Meet the Campus Pastor
Meet the Campus Pastor

Hello! My name is Matt Coulombe, and I have been a part of our HDC staff for over 18 years. I have been involved with our Apple Valley campus since we opened it back in 2010, and have served both as the worship pastor, as well the campus pastor at this site in more recent years. My wife, Cory, and I have raised our family here in this town for as long as we have lived in the High Desert. We love this community greatly and consider it a privilege to serve here at HDC Apple Valley.

I hope you will join us! I think that you will be encouraged, and want to visit us again soon. I would love to meet you personally, so please come up and say hello after a service!

Sunday Service

9 AM & 11 AM


Shane Jones

High School Pastor - Apple Valley

Ethan Hendricks

Jr High Director - Apple Valley

Rayanne Champoux

Early Childhood Assistant Director - Apple Valley

Ben Pendergrass

Productions Assistant Director