Lets Build the Kingdom Together

Welcome to Year 2 of GoFundKingdom – where we're embarking on an incredible journey with 9 inspiring projects, with a $100,000 total goal. We're absolutely thrilled to have you back, as your incredible generosity last year made it possible for us to fully fund every single one of our projects.

To catch up on the progress of last year's initiatives, simply click the "GFK 22" button below. Your support has fueled remarkable transformations, and we can't wait to share the exciting updates with you.

But the journey doesn't end there! We're excited to unveil our ambitious projects for this year. You can explore all the details right here on this page, discovering the stories, dreams, and impact that your contributions will make possible.

Join us in making a difference, one project at a time. Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait to create a brighter future together. Thank you for being a part of the GoFundKingdom family!

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