Church Planter: Portrait Church

George Beardsley   -  


Portrait Church is a brand new church launched on September 10, 2023. Since its  launch, Portrait has seen a tremendous response from community members, especially those with families and young kids. They had nearly 60 kids show up at their grand opening service. That number has stayed steady as new families and kids attend service every week.


Being a church plant, Portrait has found itself limited in the resources it can offer its kids and students. Through giving to the Kingdom Fund, you can partner with Portrait in helping build foundational resources to serve the next generation of the church. Those resources consist of new Kids’ carts that provide storage and the ability to create an environment where kids can see, hear, and be in a space that exposes them to Jesus. It will allow them to have things such as TVs and laptops to play gospel-centered programs that will assist in discipling the students. Giving to the Kingdom fund will also enable Portrait to transform its space into a more welcoming and creative environment filled with signs, Bibles, crafts/activities, and environmental structures. This will not only help parents feel good about dropping their kids off in a creative and safe environment, but it will also help build a space for kids to be excited to attend church every Sunday and make a core memory of church life as a kid.

Goal: $15,000


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