Join Us for our New Sermon Series: Giving and Receiving – Where Value is Reclaimed!

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Unearth Hidden Treasures in the Book of Ruth – A 4-Week Journey

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey through the Book of Ruth, a story that beautifully illustrates the timeless themes of Giving and Receiving? High Desert Church is excited to present our latest sermon series, where we explore the depths of love, loyalty, and redemption through the lens of an unexpected treasure trove – a thrift store!

In this 4-week study, we delve into the captivating narrative of Ruth. Just like a thrift store filled with unexpected gems, this ancient story hides valuable life lessons, waiting to be reclaimed.

Week 1: “Poverty” See how the poor are met and comforted in God’s economy of giving and receiving. 

Week 2: “Protection” Experience the protection that we feel in living out God’s rhythms of giving and receiving. 

Week 3: “Provision” Witness God’s divine hand of provision brought through obediently giving and receiving. 

Week 4: “Promise” Explore the enduring promise of living with in God’s economy of giving and receiving. 

Bible Project Overview

To enhance your understanding of the Book of Ruth and this series, we’ve embedded a Bible Project video that provides an insightful overview. This visual journey will prepare your heart and mind for the profound truths we’ll uncover together.


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