7/2/2017 - 8/20/2017

Some of the Greatest Prayers Ever Prayed Being overwhelmed is defined as “being buried or drowned beneath a huge mass.” No matter what characterizes the mass, the feeling it squeezes out of us seems to always look (and sound) the same—just like our ancestors before us, our overwhelmed heart cries out to the Lord! Sometimes we cry out in response to personal failure, being overwhelmed with embarrassment or shame. Sometimes we’re overwhelmed by doubt, having encountered a seemingly immovable obstacle that blocks our journey of faith. Sometimes it’s because we’re simply overwhelmed by the greatness and goodness of a God Who has never failed us. But always, as always, for any child of God, feeling overwhelmed naturally generates an outburst of passionate prayer. This series hopes to track the emotion of feeling “overwhelmed” in the Bible—how the greatest men and women in the history felt that burden, sensing that, whatever their obstacle, it was bigger than they were. From Hannah, the mother of Samuel, to Mary, the mother of Jesus…from Nehemiah the builder to Jesus the Carpenter, they all knew what it was like at times to carry an overwhelming sense of smallness. We’ll hear in their own words what feeling overwhelmed did for them. Our hope is that HDC can share in the humility that only feeling overwhelmed can generate. Maybe even sense the glory of God that those deeper prayers can invoke. And hopefully enjoy the filling of God’s Spirit, Who alone can provide us the courage to take our next steps.

The Daniel Prayer Challenge

In This Series

  1. Overwhelmed by Your Adversaries
  2. Overwhelmed by Loss
  3. Overwhelmed by Obstacles
  4. Overwhelmed by Regret
  5. Overwhelmed with Sorrow
  6. Overwhelmed with Thankful Praise - AV
  7. Overwhelmed with Appreciation - HS
  8. Overwhelmed with Thankfulness - PH
  9. Overwhelmed with Appreciation - VV
  10. Overwhelmed for Those Who Are Confused
  11. Overwhelmed by The Mission