Our Story

Over fifty years ago, several families began a Bible study in John and Faye Powell’s home, believing the Victor Valley was ready for a church that was intent on fulfilling the challenge of the Great Commission. In April of 1960, the High Desert Baptist Church held its first public service. For the first thirty years of ministry, the church’s gradual development was comparable to what the high desert community experienced as a whole. Then, three decades ago, God began an extraordinary chapter in HDBC’s progression as the Victor Valley began to position itself for dynamic change and explosive growth.

In 1996, HDBC became HDC, strategically reaching beyond its Baptist roots to embrace the broader Evangelical community. During the past thirty-five years, HDC has grown from a church of 125 people into one that ministers to 12,000 regular participants, comprising four different regional communities in Victorville, Apple Valley, Phelan, and Hesperia.

Pastor Tom Mercer and his wife, Sheryl, lead a team of pastors and staff leaders who oversee ministries that help people prepare for their vital role as worldchangers.