Kids Ministry

The heartbeat of HDC Kids is to “Partner with parents in preparing their children to change their worlds for Christ.”

Each weekend we journey with pre-school and elementary kids through the Bible, discovering how God’s plan of redemption, from Genesis to Revelation, still compels us to join the mission of God today. With fun and meaningful worship, engaging activities and interactive small groups, kids experience the amazing story of God in a safe and secure environment.

For the younger children, our staff works hard to build a safe, loving and nurturing environment for your child. Warm and familiar faces will welcome your child each weekend, where we play, sing, pray and creatively teach the Bible with lots of hands-on activities that always point the children to Jesus and His saving grace.

It is our prayer that we can be a support to you and your family through every stage of your child’s life. We also acknowledge that we only interact with your children for one hour each week. Because of that, we want to partner with you and the spiritual leadership you provide for your home. Each week, you will have access to helpful tools and resources, explaining what your child learned about, and also ideas for some fun and creative activities that you can share together as a family.