Welcome to HDC Invest

At High Desert Church, we're excited to embark on a new journey of deep investment and transformation with HDC Invest. This visionary initiative stems from the heartfelt commitment of our senior leaders to empower and equip our community for impactful change.

What is HDC Invest?

HDC Invest represents a threefold vision, each facet reflecting a strategic investment from our senior leaders to nurture, educate, and cultivate a community committed to growth and change.

HDC Change is your opportunity to delve deeper into the transformative power of the Oikos principle. Led by Pastor Todd, this cohort aims to equip individuals with practical tools to impact their relational world for Christ's sake. By engaging intimately with a select group, Pastor Todd will guide and support you in your efforts to effect change, shaping a world infused with Christ's love. Let's make this a year where you record change in your world!

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Education is empowerment. HDC U offers a diverse array of classes designed to enrich your spiritual journey. Led by Pastor Kurt, these classes span Theology and Bible, Family and Relationships, and Discipleship and Formation. Starting in January classes will be offered once a month. Registrations for each class can be found on the Next Steps page. Elevate your understanding and deepen your faith through these monthly learning opportunities.

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Investing in the future of ministry is pivotal. HDC Next, spearheaded by Pastor George, is a residency program nurturing the next generation of ministry leaders. This program offers an invaluable chance for aspiring leaders to shadow, learn, and grow under the mentorship of seasoned ministry leaders. Gain unparalleled insights and biblical teachings, accelerating your path towards becoming a dynamic leader in ministry.

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