Table Talk | June 1-2

Kyle Patrick   -  

Growth Group Guide: “Life is More Than That”

Sermon Summary:

In this sermon, Pastor Tom shares a parable Jesus told about a rich man who focused on accumulating possessions and building bigger barns to store his wealth. Jesus warns against greed and emphasizes that life is more than material possessions. We were encouraged to guard against greed, be rich toward God, and invite responsibility and prudence into their financial decisions.

Key Takeaways:

1. Greed can subtly influence our hearts and priorities.
2. Success is accomplishing what you set out to do, while significance means that what you’ve done matters for eternity.
3. Everything we have belongs to God, and we should seek His guidance on how to manage our resources.
4. Tithing is an act of obedience and responsibility, not generosity.
5. We should strive to be rich toward God by living generously and investing in His kingdom.

Discussion Questions:

1. How have you seen greed manifest in your life or the lives of others? What steps can we take to guard against it?
2. In what ways do you prioritize success over significance? How can we shift our focus to living lives that matter for eternity?
3. What challenges do you face in acknowledging that everything you have belongs to God? How can this perspective change the way you manage your resources?
4. Share your experiences with tithing. How has it impacted your faith and finances?
5. What does it mean to be rich toward God? What practical steps can we take to live generously and invest in His kingdom?

Practical Applications:

1. Examine your heart and identify areas where greed may be influencing your decisions. Confess and ask God for help in guarding against it.
2. Evaluate your priorities and consider how you can focus more on living a life of significance rather than just pursuing worldly success.
3. Prayerfully reflect on your finances and ask God for guidance on how to manage your resources in a way that honors Him.
4. If you’re not already tithing, commit to taking this step of obedience and responsibility. If you are tithing, consider how you can grow in generosity.
5. Look for opportunities to be rich toward God by giving generously, serving others, and investing in His kingdom work.

Closing Prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the wisdom and truth found in Your Word. Help us guard against greed and prioritize living lives of significance that honor You. Give us the courage to acknowledge that everything we have belongs to You and to seek Your guidance in managing our resources. May we be obedient in tithing and grow in generosity as we strive to be rich toward You. In Jesus’ name, amen.