Ideas to End the Year with Students

Samm Simmons   -  

As we come to the end of this small group season, we want to encourage you to find some way to commemorate this year with your students. Whether it is at the end of the year parties on your campuses or off-site on a day you plan, it is important to sit down with your students and look back at the school year.

But maybe you need some ideas, so here are five simple ideas to consider doing with your groups.

  1. Handwritten notes: You would be surprised how many students hang on to handwritten things that leaders give them. It doesn’t need to be deep or poetic; it just needs to be honest and encouraging. Tell students how you’ve seen them grow this year, something you love about them, or a verse that reminds you of them.
  2. Pray over them: Again, this is simple but impactful. Ushering students into the presence of God with your prayers over them not only shows them how much you care but also has an eternal impact that God will continue to use in their lives.
  3. Give them something small: verse bracelets, necklaces, small devotionals, etc. Anything to show your students you love them. 
  4. Go do something: Meet up with your students to go hiking or fishing, make dinner together or for them, play games or a sport together, or just hang out. After you’ve finished hanging out, pick out a Bible passage and focus on it for a few minutes with them. Help them understand that God’s Word and our relationship with Him extend outside of small groups.
  5. Make plans for summer: Maybe you like to play the long game as a leader. Instead of focusing on a single moment, make plans with your students to meet before we end our small group year. This is just as intentional and important as the others because it tells your students that you’re in their lives for more than just a Wednesday night.

This list isn’t comprehensive; it’s just something to help you think of things you could do. If you need more help, please feel free to respond to the volunteer email or get with your campus students guy. We would love to help you find ways to connect with your students.