3 Circles

Aleah Austin   -  

We use the three circles on the weekend with kids to help them understand the gospel, and for them to have a tool they can use to tell their oikos the good news about Jesus!

You can help your kid understand and explain the gospel using the three circles:

  • Circle 1- God created the world and everything in it- including us! He made us to know, love, and worship Him.
  • Sin- Our sin—when we choose to do what we think is best instead of what God says is best—messed up God’s perfect world.
  • Circle 2- When we look at our world, we can see that it’s broken. Brokenness and sin keeps us from having a relationship with God.
  • Circle 3- We can’t fix our sin problem on our own. God sent His Son, Jesus, who lived a perfect life, died, and took the punishment for our sins, and then rose again and came back to life! When we believe and trust in Jesus, we can be who God created us to be and enjoy a friendship with Him.