Table Talk | Dec. 2-3

Kyle Patrick   -  

This weekend, we explored the profound call in the timeless carol, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” to listen to the angelic message as detailed in the book of Luke, Chapter 2. We were reminded that the Christmas story isn’t just a familiar tale but a profound historical moment that still holds deep implications for our lives today.

The Christmas season calls for us to listen, behold, and respond to God. We must allow the lines from our Christmas carols to be the guiding light of our season. – The announcement of Jesus’ birth to the shepherds underscores God’s intentional choice of sharing this joyous news with humble men. This reflects God’s care for those society often overlooks, emphasizing that everyone is valuable in His eyes.

The title “Lord of the New Testament” given to Jesus is profound and influences our relationship with God. Understanding and embracing Jesus as our Messiah brings joy into our lives.

Developing a personal relationship with Jesus is an invitation to everyone, whether a long-time believer or someone just starting their faith journey. I encourage each one of us to delve deeper into these messages, allow them to guide our understanding, and inspire us to embrace the true joy of Christmas. Let us also continue to encourage one another as we navigate this season, remembering always, the love and salvation offered to us through Jesus Christ.

Discussion Questions

  1. The sermon begins by examining the significance of Christmas carols and the messages they contain. How do you personally relate to Christmas carols? Have you ever considered their deeper meanings?

  1. In Luke, Chapter 2, we read about the birth of Jesus. What significance does this biblical event hold for you personally? How does it impact your understanding and celebration of Christmas? (Reference: Luke 2)

  1. The sermon draws parallels between the shepherds who were the first to receive the news of Jesus’ birth and David, the shepherd who became king of Israel. How does this parallel speak to God’s choice of those He uses for His purposes? How can we apply this understanding to our own lives?

  1. We explored the profound meaning behind the title “Lord of the New Testament” given to Jesus. How does this title influence your relationship with God? How can you better embrace Jesus as your Messiah and experience the joy that comes with it?

  1. Fear and joy were two emotions that were discussed. How do these emotions play out in your relationship with God? How does understanding Jesus as your Savior help you navigate these emotions?

  1. The sermon encourages listeners to respond to God this Christmas season. How can you practically respond to God in your daily life? What specific actions can you take to respond to God’s call?

  1. Despite their humble status, the shepherds were chosen to receive the joyous news of Jesus’ birth. How does this reflect on God’s character and His view of humanity? How does this inspire you in your personal walk with God?

  1. Towards the end of the sermon, the lyrics of the song “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” are explored. What new insights or understandings did you gain from this discussion? How does it enhance your appreciation of this well-known carol?