Walk in the Spirit.

Tim Sevilla   -  

This past Sunday we read Romans 8:1-4 during worship.  I love this section of Romans because it reminds us that there is no longer condemnation for those who have faith in Jesus Christ.  It’s important for us to remember the phrase “There is now”.  This phrase is a present tense phrase and whenever we read it, we should remember that this verse applies to us now, here in this moment, and until the day we die.  Because we no longer have condemnation, we can now live according to the Spirit rather than the flesh.

In the next section of Scripture, Paul tells us that we no longer live by the law of sin and death.   Rather, we now live according to the law of the Spirit of life.  What we have to remember, is that before Christ, we were doomed to live according to the flesh.  We could not choose contrary.  Any action we took ultimately was to the gratification of the flesh, because sin was our guiding voice.  But since we have been made new in Christ, through the anointing of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we now live by the Law of the Spirit of Life.

So what does it look like to live but the Law of the Spirit of Life?  Dr. Ken Berding, one of my New Testament professors from Biola University, does a fantastic job at explaining what it looks like to walk in the Spirit.  When you’re finished reading it come find me at HDC Hesperia on Sunday morning and I might show you an easy way to remember all seven!

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