Table Talk | Nov.18-19

Kyle Patrick   -  

Our discussion delved deep into Ruth’s life, illustrating her courageous decision to trust God’s plan, even when the full picture was not visible. Ruth’s story is a vivid example of trust, proposal, and generosity, inviting us to reflect on our faith journey.

Here are a few key takeaways from the sermon:

– Ruth’s resilience and faith are mirrored in God’s covenant with Israel. Her journey is a testament to trusting God’s plan, even in uncertainty.

– Ruth’s courageous proposal to Boaz showcases her audacious faith and fearless articulation of her desires. This was a pivotal moment that could have drastically altered her future.

– We also explored the essence of trusting God’s ways in relationships. Boaz’s faith in God’s plan and Ruth’s fearless articulation of her desires showcase the power of trusting God during uncertain times.

– The sermon also emphasized the power of generosity, even in the face of despair, and how it can lead to profound personal growth and deep connections.

This weekend’s message was a reminder that trusting God’s plan, even in the midst of uncertainty, can lead us on a transformative journey of faith. Let the life of Ruth encourage you to trust God on your own journey, wherever it may lead.

Discussion Questions:

1. How does Ruth’s trust in God inspire you in your own faith journey? (Refer to Ruth 1-4)

2. We saw how Ruth took a courageous leap of faith in following Naomi’s peculiar request. Can you share a time when you’ve had to trust God even when you didn’t understand His plan?

3. How does Ruth’s boldness in asking Boaz to fulfill his own prayer reflect her trust in God’s covenant with Israel? How can we be bold in our prayers? (Refer to Ruth 3:9)

4. The sermon discusses how Boaz showed admirable faith in God’s plans. How can we follow his example and trust God’s ways in our relationships? (Refer to Ruth 3:12-13)

5. We learn about the power of generosity from Ruth and Boaz’s actions. How can we incorporate generosity into our own lives, even in times of despair? (Refer to Ruth 2:10-12)

6. Naomi’s transition from hopelessness to hope was largely due to the generosity of Ruth and Boaz. Can you share a time when someone’s kindness restored your hope?

7. Reflect on the statement from the sermon: “Hopeful people make plans”. How does this resonate with your understanding of faith and hope?

9. Boaz showed restraint and respected God’s law, even though it might not lead to his desired outcome. How can we practice such restraint in our own lives?

10. The sermon speaks about Boaz’s trust in God’s ways. What does this tell us about his character and how can we emulate this in our lives?

11. In the sermon, we see that Ruth’s willingness to follow Naomi’s plan was a lesson in trusting God. How can we trust God more in our daily decisions and actions?