Table Talk | October 21-22, 2023

Kyle Patrick   -  

In this weekend’s stirring sermon, we journey through an exploration inspired by the churches of Galatia and their response to the gospel of Jesus. The central theme is the divine truth that our righteousness comes solely through Jesus and this realization should inspire us to serve each other with humility and love.

Delving into the power of spiritual gifts and their influence on the body of Christ, the sermon enlightened us about the role of the Holy Spirit and the harmony these divine gifts bring about. The spiritual figures from the books of Judges and Samuel, along with King David, are taken as examples of how they were empowered by the Spirit of God. It is emphasized that this same Spirit bestows each believer with unique abilities to serve for the glorification of God.

The sermon further explores how we can tap into our spiritual gifts to serve others and promote unity in our church communities. It discusses the challenges that might impede our service, including the pandemic’s impact on our ability to serve each other. The sermon conveyed that knowing and embracing our spiritual gifts can foster contentment, gratitude, and purpose within the church.

The sermon concludes with a reflection on God’s gifts, the transformative power of choosing to follow Jesus, and the purpose-filled life that awaits us. It also encourages us to take steps to serve others according to our gifts and how it reflects the power of God in our lives.

Overall, this sermon is a compelling call to service and a deeper understanding of spiritual gifts. It encourages listeners to not only recognize their divine gifts but to use them to serve others, glorify God, and find purpose in their lives. It’s a reminder that in serving one another, we are not only fulfilling our spiritual duty but also bringing the church community closer together in unity and harmony.


Questions to Discuss:

1. What does it mean to you to serve others with humility and love as described in the sermon? Can you share some personal experiences where you’ve been able to serve others in this way? (Reference: Galatians 5:13)

2. The sermon highlights that followers of Jesus have been supernaturally shaped by the Spirit to serve God’s family. Can you discuss some ways in which you feel you’ve been shaped to serve others? How do these spiritual gifts manifest in your everyday life? (Reference: 1 Peter 4:10)

3. Discuss the concept of churches having consumers who need to become contributors as described in the sermon. Can you identify times when you’ve acted as a consumer in your church community? How can you shift towards becoming a contributor?

4. The sermon speaks about understanding and embracing your spiritual gifts. Have you taken the time to understand your spiritual gifts? How has this understanding impacted your service to others and your own spiritual journey? (Reference: Romans 12:3-8)

5. Discuss the obstacles that might impede our service to others, including the pandemic’s impact on our ability to serve each other. How can we overcome these challenges and continue to serve others in our church community?

6. The sermon emphasizes the importance of finding the right fit when it comes to serving in the church. Have you struggled with finding the right fit? How can we support each other in finding our place in serving the church community? 

7. How does serving others according to our gifts reflect the power of God in our lives? How can we better use our gifts to serve others and bring glory to God? (Reference: Romans 12:6)