Proverb A Day

Tim Sevilla   -  

As we close out our summer series in the Proverbs, I can’t help but think of the core of what a Proverb is.  A Proverb can really be understood as common sense.  When you’re reading through the book it’s easy to say to yourself “Man that makes total sense.”  But sadly, for most of us, we’ll think that but then turn around and do the complete opposite of what the Proverb told us.  It can get frustrating at times but what we have to remember is the Proverbs are there for a reason, to remind us how to live our lives according to God’s word and the original created order.  Remember, we are created in God’s image (Gen 1:26).  However, because of sin and the fall of man, our image has been warped and corrupt.  Because of this, we are now more prone to sin rather than holiness.  This is why it is so important for us to stay in God’s Word.  Not only does the Word of God speak to our hearts when we read it, but it also helps to remind us of what holy living looks like.  If you struggle with picking up your Bible and reading it, reading a Proverb a day is a good starting point.  Personally, I love to get up in the morning, make myself a pour over (preferably a nice Kenyan coffee bean), and sit down with the Bible.  Reading the Bible in the morning helps me to get my head in the right place before I start my day.