Twenty Twenty

10/18/2020 - 11/29/2020

Twenty Twenty has brought us all challenges that we were not expecting. From addressing the question of how Christians should vote to asking if the end of the world is near, we address many of the questions that people have been pondering within this series.

In This Series

Is the End of the World Near?
Tom Mercer - 10/18/2020
Is There a Christian Way to Vote?
Tom Mercer - 10/25/2020
Why Does God Allow So Much Conflict and Crisis in our World?
Joel Sanchez - 11/1/2020
Who Can I Believe Anymore?
Ron Merrell - 11/8/2020
Why Are Christians So Divided?
Tom Mercer - 11/15/2020
Making Good Decisions
Tom Mercer - 11/22/2020
How Do I Overcome My Bad Attitude
Brian Haney - 11/29/2020