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Hometown Advantage

Over the last several years, we’ve watched God work in incredible ways through each of our localized ministry sites. In fact, we are seeing more effective oikocentric ministry develop because of our localized ministry sites. You could say we are developing a Hometown Advantage. As is always the case, when God moves, we follow. And that’s why we are campaigning to raise 1.5 million dollars. These funds will help us lean into the Hometown Advantage we already see developing across our ministry sites.

Goals for Hometown Advantage

Buy property in Apple Valley | $600,000

Purchase 13 acres for a permanent location for our AV site. We are excited to be pursuing a plot of land in Apple Valley that will be the future home of the Apple Valley campus. The property we have in mind is located near Yucca Loma and Cree. For years we’ve seen our Victorville campus be a blessing to the community (hosting weddings, funerals, in service events, etc). We are so excited to see the way God uses an HDC facility to bless the town of Apple Valley.

Pay off Powell in Victorville | $300,000 

Paying off the mortgage on Powell positions us to move more nimbly as God leads us through his process of localization.

Begin infrastructure in Phelan | $100,000

We will be positioning portable buildings on the 14-acre Phelan property for administrative and group meetings. While weekend services will still be held at Quail Valley Middle School, these buildings will expand the ministry footprint we have in Phelan.

Build classrooms in Hesperia | $500,000 

HDC Hesperia has been very creative at finding space and multi-purposing rooms since their launch. Building classroom space in Hesperia will allow the kitchen to be used as a kitchen (not a classroom/student ministries facility), and will provide dedicated space for students and adults to be better prepared to reach their worlds for Christ.

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