Senior Leadership Team

Tom Mercer
Senior Pastor

Jack Hamilton
Executive Pastor

George Beardsley
Chief of Staff

Kurt Thielen
Pastor to Campuses

Paul Gostanian
Pastor To Small Groups

Victorville Team

Tim Kuhl
Victorville Lead Pastor

Steve Lucero
VV Student Worship Director

Zach Taylor
VV High School Director

Kyle Roche
VV Junior High Director

Jeff Barbour
VV Children's Pastor

Debbie Ackerman
VV Elementary Director

Julie McMcican
VV Early Childhood Director

Mikey Powers
Small Groups Director

Susan White
Campus Secretary

Kelly Gibbs
Campus Secretary

Apple Valley Team

Matt Coulombe
Apple Valley Lead Pastor

Evan Nelson
AV Associate Minister

Peter Anderson
AV Student Minister

Heather Dodge
AV Elementary Assistant Director

Cathy Fuller
Campus Secretary

Phelan Team

Brian Haney
Phelan Lead Pastor

Shane Jones
PH Worship/Student Director

Kyle Patrick
PH Junior High Assistant Director

Stephanie Patrick
PH Elementary Assistant Director

Danette Tharington
Campus Secretary

Hesperia Team

Jason Jahn
Hesperia Lead Pastor

Tim Sevilla
HS Worship/Student Director

Chris Wingard
HS Junior High Assistant Director

Emily Tabari
HS Children's Assistant Director

Danette Tharington
Campus Secretary

Shared Services

Steven Bush
Business Administrator

Tim Wheeler
Associate Pastor

David Beardsley
Shepherding Minister

Jacob Barbour
Operations Manager

Randy Reed
IT Manager

Sam Pendergrass
Productions Director

Aaron Ullah
Communications Assistant Director